Beacon System Training Documents & Beacon Newsletters

Good news!

We now have all of the supporting documentation for helping users learn and find out more about the Beacon System.

  • If you go the the HELP page there is a link to all of the Beacon Training Documents. From that page you can open each category and view the pdf’s for each of the training modules.

Our thanks go to Graeme Bunting, one of our Beacon Team supporters, for writing them and giving Beacon users such a powerful resource to help with their learning.

  • We have also created a new page to house the Beacon Newsletter. To find the page hover over ‘News’ on the top menu and a dropdown menu item is then shown, ‘Beacon Newsletters’.

All future newsletters will be added to this page as they are published.

Our newsletter editor and head of Beacon communications is Ken Wheatley. If any one has any items for inclusion in the newsletter please write to him at:

We welcome any feedback from those who access the training documentation and the newsletter. So please let us know what you think.