Beacon goes to the Conference

The national U3A conference took place this week in Nottingham, and representatives of the Beacon Team were on hand to spread the word about the benefits of using Beacon to the many U3As present at the Conference.

Frank Bailey (Beacon Support Lead), Marilyn Lean (Beacon Joining Lead) and John Hopkins (Beacon Engagement Lead) ran three popular workshops to demonstrate how Beacon can make running your U3A a much easier process. U3As not currently using the Beacon System were invited to attend a presentation and see a demonstration of the system, showing how Beacon can streamline committee activity and reduce the time and effort currently required from volunteers.

Marilyn told delegates about her experience of implementing the Beacon system in Plymouth U3A. She encouraged participants to think about the risks surrounding the storage and management of data in the context of a U3A, and the challenges faced by committee members in doing so.

John then outlined how Beacon can help resolve those challenges. He showed how easy Beacon makes it to administer all aspects of your U3A, from the yearly membership renewals to the distribution of newsletters.

Finally, Frank gave the workshop the opportunity to ask questions of the team. The question on delegates’ lips was, of course, “Where do we sign up?” The answer: simply contact the Beacon Team and we will start you on your Beacon journey!

You can  recap the workshop content by accessing the slides here.