“Beacon: Efficient, Reliable and Fast”

Membership Secretary of Chalfonts U3A, Val, tells Beacon News how the system has helped her in her role.


Three words to describe Beacon: Efficient, Reliable and Fast.

As the Membership Secretary of a new, and rapidly growing, U3A I was so pleased to find Beacon.

Our data was moved into it very quickly by the Support Team easily and then, suddenly, all the parts of my work in this role were joined up. Tasks that had taken me hours to do were now done in a few clicks. Magic!

The rest of my committee and group convenors at Chalfonts U3A (and ultimately the members) have benefited greatly too. Their information was up to date, easily organised, and both committee members and our convenors could send emails easily without any dangers of data breaches or compromising the GDPR rules we now, rightly, have to adhere to.

The Beacon Users Forum and Beacon Support Team have been very helpful for those times when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, or when an internet provider was playing silly beggars. Thank you to all of you!

The new Training documentation, to help with the learning-curve, is also brilliant! Well written and easy to understand; it’s now my first port of call when I do, occasionally, forget how to do something.

My successor as our Membership Secretary never had to deal with vast volumes of data by using a spreadsheet and the problems this gave me. She tells me that Beacon is easy to use and she wouldn’t be without it. (She’s a wise woman!)


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