Get involved with the Beacon Upgrade

A key aim of the Beacon Upgrade project is to ensure the needs of all U3As are addressed.

To achieve this aim, the project will draw on the skills, knowledge and experience of people from across the movement.

U3As and U3A members will be involved throughout the project in a range of ways.

The first stage of the project will be an in depth exploration of what U3As do and how they do it.

We are looking to build on the knowledge from our previous consultation exercises and what we have learnt from the existing Beacon system.

We need to include U3As of different sizes, locations, and degrees of technical development.

We need to consult U3A members with a range of roles within their U3A, varying technical expertise, different professional backgrounds and diverse accessibility requirements.

If you or your U3A are interested in contributing to the project, please register your interest here.

We’re aware of an issue with the form over the weekend – so if you were unable to register earlier please do try again now!