U3A partners with APT

The Third Age Trust is delighted to announce its partnership with APT Solutions Ltd to deliver the Beacon Upgrade project.

Following a recommendation by the Beacon Upgrade Working Group the Trust Board of Directors approved the appointment of APT and the beginning of work in the coming weeks.

APT are a specialist provider of software and services to the membership sector and have worked with a range of organisations of a similar size and structure to the U3A movement both in the UK and abroad.

The decision to partner with APT was taken following a competitive procurement process led by the Beacon Upgrade Working Group which saw a number of potential partners show off their expertise and products to the group. The working group, which comprised U3A members and representatives of the Third Age Trust, assessed the participants and made a recommendation to the Board.

Chief Executive Sam Mauger said, ‘I am thrilled that APT will be working with in partnership with us to deliver a system designed for the U3A movement, by the U3A movement. APT have shown how their approach will involve U3A members throughout and this interaction is key.’

The next stage of the project will be a discovery phase in which the knowledge we have already gathered from U3As and members is consolidated and built upon to ensure the upgrade meets the needs of U3As and users.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please register your interest here