Working with the member list

Member lists are at the heart of the Beacon system, and there are several features and tools available to users to make it easy to select some, all or none of the members on a given list – so you don’t need to tick them off one by one

On all lists, you can click ‘Select’ on the leftmost column to be presented with the following four options

  • Select all – check the box for every member currently shown on the list
  • Clear all – clear the currently selected tick boxes
  • Email only – check the boxes of only those members who have an email address
  • Without email – check the boxes of only those members who do not have an email address

Using these handy options means you can quickly select all of the members on your screen, or isolate them by their available means of communication

This can save you time and potentially reduce the number of letters you need to send

Many lists also have polls, filters and searches to help you find the members you want to contact – you can find more information on this in the Beacon training guides