400th Beacon U3A About To Sign Up

ASA 400 35mm film canister

On 11th April 2019 the number of U3As using Beacon reached 300, as we reported in Beacon News. Since then the rate of new U3As trusting Beacon with their data has not slowed; in fact it's accelerated.

Lesley Asman, the Beacon Journey Administrator, continues the story.

My prediction is that before the snowdrops are over we will see a U3A become the 400th Beacon User.  Which one will it be?  There are about a dozen in the running, all in the process of finalising their data.  There are other U3As currently cleaning and polishing their data but they will probably go-live too soon or too late to be number 400.

A couple of changes in the trend to adopt Beacon since number 300 are worth mentioning: 

  • The number of start-up U3As adopting Beacon has doubled each year since 2017.
  • There has been a growing trend for U3As who had earlier decided not to adopt Beacon to reverse that decision and become enthusiastic Beacon users.
  • The number of live sites being created remains at a remarkably steady average of 10 per month.  That has not changed. 

So, what of the future?  As in 2017, there may be a short hiatus in the creation of new Beacon sites whilst the rollout of the upgrade happens.  Some U3As will remember the 4-month pause during 2017 during which Stephen Shipley and I couldn’t move anyone forward because we were awaiting the arrival of the new Data Import Module.  On 26th July 2017, Stephen excelled himself by creating 12 new Beacon sites in one day - more than an average month’s-worth!  Almost 6,500 U3A members swelled Beacon’s then total during that single day!

I am hugely looking forward to continuing as a Beacon Team member during the exciting time ahead.

To have picked up another 100 users since last April is an astonishing feat, demonstrating that U3As like and trust Beacon. Every new U3A coming on board is a vote of confidence in the convenience and security of Beacon. But every one of those U3As has received help and advice from the team of volunteer Beacon supporters, who work astonishingly hard to remove roadblocks from the Beacon journey. Will you join them?

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