Improvements to Beacon’s Finance Module

Beacon Finance screen

Following feedback received from U3A treasurers, the Beacon Team has made several improvements to the Finance module. These will be released later in February. 

The main changes will take place in the way that Beacon handles ledgers. On-screen displays and reports will have new and renamed fields designed to make their use easier, and they can be sorted in more ways. Credit batches will have better support, with the ability to append one batch to another and to instantly remove a transaction from a batch. 

There will also be improvements to joint memberships, for the case where two members live at the same address, with the ability to renew both members simultaneously. 

The main changes to the ledger will be as follows. 

The Payment Method and Payment Reference will always be displayed. The payment reference replaces the existing cheque no. and can be used for any payment. For instance when banking cash it could contain the paying in slip number.  

Credit batches will be able to be appended to the end of an existing credit batch, and the total for the batch will be displayed. A transaction may be removed from a batch by a button press. 

Paired/Joint memberships will be better handled. Both parties will be able to be renewed at the same time, and existing individual members may be converted to joint members. 

Other improvements will include:

  • Improvements to the sorting of ledgers 
  • Excel exports will be in Excel 2007 (.xlsx) format 
  • The ability to include a payment reference on account transfers
  • A number of bug fixes and internal performance improvements

It is no longer possible to clear (make blank) the date of a cleared transaction so that it could be amended. However, the amounts allocated to categories can be adjusted but the total amount cannot change

Space doesn’t permit me to include all of the details, but the following training guides have been updated to reflect these changes: 4.3, 4.5, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4.