New Beacon Help Centre


The Beacon team are pleased to announce the Beacon Help Centre, a new place for all Beacon help, support and training. But, I hear you say, surely they've only had the old helpdesk for a few months. Why change?

Capacity, for one thing. Now that Beacon has more than 400 U3As the volume of calls has outgrown the old system.

Beacon Help Centre is provided by Zendesk, one of the world's largest helpdesk providers, and has ample capacity no matter how much Beacon grows. And APT, the supplier of the Beacon upgrade, are already Zendesk users so this move will help them to support us into the future.

If you have submitted tickets on the old system then rest assured they will be addressed. New requests for help should be made at

Beacon Help Centre is more than a helpdesk. There's a knowledge base that may answer your question and this will grow over time. We're also moving the popular training guides onto the new platform.

We're confident that Beacon Help Centre will allow us to provide timely help and support to Beacon users well into the future.

Visit the Beacon Help Centre at