Beacon Upgrade Several Steps Nearer

Some abstract binary data

Despite the lockdown the Beacon Upgrade project has been making progress on many fronts.

Beacon and APT, the Beacon Update developers, agreed a list of features some time ago, but that list is being revised as work on the implementation proceeds.

Work on the detailed specification is proceeding apace, with significant progress on membership, groups and finance.

The work mapping the database layout between the existing and updated Beacon systems is now complete, so it's possible to transfer user data from the old to the new system. Several U3As have now given permission for their Beacon data to form the basis of the data set used for further development and testing work, so the teams can ensure that the upgraded software meets the requirements of all Beacon users.

Internally, the pool of Beacon Upgrade volunteers has been completely reorganised, with six new teams created to manage all aspects of the project. An early result of this new structure has been the creation of the new documentation library in the Beacon Help Centre. This will be the home for all existing and new end-user Beacon documents.

Other teams are working on testing the new system, developing training, and planning a Beacon Upgrade roadshow.

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