Beacon – Status Report

philippe-d-mAxfIDdiE7o-unsplash downsized Beacon 2 Project Board has provided an update on the current development status and timeline for the Beacon 2 Project. The main points are as follows.

The infrastructure for Beacon 2 is working.

The system to transfer existing data into Beacon 2 is now in place with the exception of Polls.

The software specifications have been delivered and will be published on this site this week.

The software development is being performed as a number of tasks split into functional areas, The initial release of Beacon 2 will be referred to as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and will consist of some membership and admin functions. This will be delivered by APT during September. This should allow some U3As to begin a pilot in the fourth quarter of this year. The specification for the MVP will be published on this site when available.

Beacon 2 will contain a content management system (CMS) allowing automation and control of the Beacon 2 public website, but it will not prevent U3As from using SiteBuilder, WordPress or their chosen web platform.

Accessibility workshops have been taking place to help ensure that Beacon 2 complies with modern standards.

There will be a Beacon 2 Roadshow held on Zoom over the next few weeks, providing a full update on Beacon 2 and the project.

Documentation, testing, rollout, people, user support  and communications teams of volunteers are all in place for Beacon 2.

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