Beacon Specifications Published

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The specification documents for Beacon 2 have now been added to this site. Each document has its own page and there's also an index allowing you to browse the documents.

The Beacon User Forum has a new sub-topic for informal discussion of the specifications.

The Beacon Help Centre will shortly be expanded to allow formal enquiries and requests relating to these specifications to be made.

Please note that these are not really end-user documents. They are technical and use terms that may be unfamiliar to you. Please do not complain about jargon. Instead, spend a few minutes with your favourite search engine (mine's duckduckgo) to see what the terms mean in a software development context.

Also note that these are living documents and the versions on this site will sometimes lag those being used by the Beacon 2 developers and team. The pages here will be updated regularly to reflect the latest versions of the live specifications.

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