Beacon can help your u3a now – don’t delay!

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Are you considering joining the Beacon family, but are waiting for Beacon 2? Then we suggest that you go ahead and adopt the existing Beacon.

There are some 450 u3as waiting to move over to Beacon 2. The process will be largely automatic but the data in Beacon is important. It's vital that each u3a checks its data carefully as they move to Beacon 2, and the Beacon Upgrade team will be busy helping u3as with this process.

If your u3a is waiting to join Beacon then it can do so in one of two ways. It could move across to the existing Beacon as soon as it's ready. There are Beacon supporters waiting to help you make the move, and they know what they're doing. The journey to Beacon will almost certainly be smooth and painless. Once Beacon 2 is released you can migrate to Beacon 2 at a time to suit you. There's a substantial team in place waiting to migrate u3as and they will be skilled in making the move as easy as possible.

The alternative approach is to wait for Beacon 2. Of course, we'll be happy to see you, but the Beacon team's emphasis during the migration period will be on getting existing users across. You are less likely to be able to move onto Beacon at a time of your choosing until the migration of existing Beacon users is complete.

But it's your decision. If you'd like to talk it through with a member of the Beacon team then contact