Beacon Subscription Fees Unchanged

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The Third Age Trust Trading Limited has confirmed that Beacon subscriptions will remain at £1 per member (inclusive of VAT) for the next financial year, 2021/22.

When you think about it this represents extremely good value. Your u3a, its committee, officers and members benefit from all of the following.

  • Membership Secretaries have a single register of members' details, with their contact and emergency contact details and their membership status.
  • Treasurers have a set of ledgers and reports to keep track of and categorise bills and receipts. They can quickly prepare reports for the AGM, the charities commission and for Gift Aid.
  • Groups Coordinators have a centralised list of all interest groups. They can easily send letters or emails to all of the group leaders when there's something important to tell them.
  • Group Leaders have an online list of all of their group members, and can send communications to them. They also have a group financial ledger that can keep track of the group finances.
  • Those organising trips, outings and holidays can manage their attendees, finance and communications.
  • The Committee members know that Beacon helps them to meet statutory requirements such as reporting and GDPR. They also have peace of mind knowing that the u3a’s data is in Beacon, easing the handover to new office holders and committee members.
  • Finally, but most importantly, your members benefit from the ability to join and renew online. And, of course, from belonging to a well-run u3a.

Beacon 2 will offer even more, for the same price. That’s just £1, the price of a packet of biscuits, per head.

If your u3a is already using Beacon you don’t need to do anything. You’ll be sent an invoice for 2021/22 from April based on your total number of current members as at 31 March.

If your u3a is not yet using Beacon, the Beacon Team are ready to help you get started. Contact for a live presentation, access to a no-commitment demonstration system and one-to-one support and guidance from a fellow u3a member throughout the process.