Getting Help With Beacon

One posable wooden figure helps another in a pickle

Do you need help with Beacon? Are you not sure of the best way to do something? Do you think there's a bug in Beacon? There's plenty of help available but you'll find what you need sooner if you ask in the right place.

The first question you should ask yourself is whether the answer may be in the Beacon User Guide. The User Guide is an online document that is always up to date and describes in detail what each screen of Beacon does and how you should use it. The User Guide is part of the Beacon Help Centre, the official, formal, support channel for Beacon.

The User Guide is structured as a reference manual. There are times when you may need a little more discussion about a Beacon topic. Then you should browse the Knowledge Base. Here you will find articles about various tasks in Beacon that go into more depth than the User Guide alone.

If you want to discuss something about Beacon with your fellow users than the Beacon Users' Forum is where you should go. Here you can discuss Beacon with your peers. Maybe you'd like to discuss the best way to handle online renewals, or arranging the finance module. Perhaps you just want a rant (it happens to us all). The forum is an informal gathering place for Beacon people. It's monitored by Beacon volunteers but it is not a formal support channel.

If you need formal support then there's only one way to guarantee that your problem will be picked up and addressed by a Beacon volunteer with the knowledge and tools to help you. You need to raise a support request at the Beacon Help Centre.