What is Beacon?

  • Beacon is a Membership Management System for u3as
  • It allows any u3a to manage their data and communication with their members easily and efficiently
  • It can be a huge time saver for those who manage membership and group information
  • With new regulations on Data Privacy it ensures that u3as comply with all legal requirements


U3A Beacon logo

What it is, what it does and
how it can benefit your u3a…

Beacon provides individual u3as with a secure, efficient and effective means of managing their day-to-day business functions.


  • All aspects of membership 

    Beacon provides a comprehensive set of tools for handling membership: new members, renewals, subscriptions, address changes, membership cards and communications.


  • Membership, venues and calendar 

    Groups are the heart of a u3a, and Beacon provides group leaders with membership management, calendars, group ledgers, and easy communication with group members.


  • A secure transaction-based approach 

    Financial management is based on a secure, simple transaction approach. Every transaction can be assigned to individuals, groups and categories, and the system provides tools for reconciliation with bank accounts and regular reporting.

This Is How Beacon Can Help Your u3a…

  • All your data is together, secure and held in just one place.
  • It can be accessed by your chosen authorised users, usually officers & group convenors, each with their own ‘individual permissions’ to do just what they need to do.
  • If you so choose, Beacon can be accessed by your members - who enter personal logins to use various functions.
  • Security, no duplication, on-line payments, joined-up functionality, less work, more accuracy.
U3A Beacon logo


There is no need to install separate software. All interaction with Beacon takes place through the web browser of your tablet or computer.

Long Term Sustainability…

The Third Age Trust recognises that Beacon is a key resource for a rapidly growing number of u3as and is committed to facilitating the long-term future of the system.

Beacon is used by over 480 u3as and feedback has been exceptional by those u3as that are using it. But nothing stands still, so the Beacon Upgrade project will provide u3as with a safer, better-looking and more modern Beacon, supporting your u3a for decades to come.