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We Are Here To Help!

Beacon is maintained and developed by a small team of U3A volunteers, with some software assistance from an outside contractor.

The Beacon Team consists of
three sub-teams:

  • Administration
  • Technical
  • Support

    If your committee would like to ‘try-out’ the Beacon system with absolutely no commitment, we will send you a copy of the ‘Beacon Journey Pack’ please email:

  • Beacon Training Documents

    We now have a comprehensive set of training documents available to help Beacon users learn more about how the Beacon System works. Briefly they comprise:

    • Getting Started
    • Membership
    • Groups
    • Emails & Letters
    • Finance
    • System Set-Up
    • Miscellaneous

    If a U3A needs help or guidance during its Beacon ‘journey’, it’s readily available.

    Support is provided in a number of ways:

    • Beacon’s national team of supporters is made up of experienced Beacon uses who provide personal, 1-2-1 advice and assistance to U3As, both ‘journeying’ and when ’newly-live’.
    • There is a national online User Forum where members communicate with each other regardless of their UK location. It’s alive with discussion, advice, and all-things Beacon!
    • This Beacon website is online and has documentation to support our users. This provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for news, newsletters, training documentation and other useful information for all Beacon subscribers.

    Supporters can click here to read or download material required for each stage of the Beacon journey from evaluation to going live (password required).