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Beacon is maintained and developed by a small team of u3a volunteers, with some software assistance from an outside contractor.

The Beacon Team consists of
three sub-teams:

  • Administration
  • Technical
  • Support

If your committee would like to try the Beacon system with absolutely no commitment, we will send you a copy of the ‘Beacon Journey Pack’ please email:

Beacon Reference and Training Documents

The User Guide section of the Beacon Help Centre includes a comprehensive set of training documents available to help Beacon users learn more about how the Beacon System works, split up into categories corresponding to the sections in the user guide.

  • Getting Started
  • Membership
  • Groups
  • Emails & Letters
  • Finance
  • System Set-Up
  • Miscellaneous

The Help Centre also includes the Knowledge Base which has in-depth articles on various aspects of Beacon.

If a u3a needs help or guidance during its Beacon ‘journey’, it’s readily available.

Support is provided in a number of ways:

  • Beacon’s national team of supporters is made up of experienced Beacon uses who provide personal, 1-2-1 advice and assistance to u3as, both ‘journeying’ and when ’newly-live’.
  • There is a national online User Forum where members communicate with each other regardless of their UK location. It’s alive with discussion, advice, and all-things Beacon!
  • This Beacon website is online and has documentation to support our users. This provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for news, newsletters, training documentation and other useful information for all Beacon subscribers.
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Supporters can click here to read or download material required for each stage of the Beacon journey from evaluation to going live (password required).