Beacon 2 Timeline

Image of Beacon timeline

As outlined in the December statement, a revised development approach has been agreed by APT and u3a to ensure Beacon 2 meets the requirements of u3as and users across the movement.

Part of this renewed approach involves a return to the specification phase for each component of the system to review how the established requirements will be met, to show what this will look like for Beacon users, and to define the work necessary to deliver.

This task is well underway, and we will be publishing more details on the Beacon website in the coming weeks. The January poject update is here.

Our ambition is to complete the specification phase for all components by the end of March 2021, by which point the software development will already be well under way and a firm expectation of when the rollout can commence will be set. At this stage, we don’t anticipate this being earlier than autumn 2021.

In the meantime, the Beacon Rollout Team are assisting u3as to implement Beacon 1 at pace, in readiness for Beacon 2 becoming available later in 2021. Beacon 1 is still fully supported.

If you are not yet using Beacon 1, simply send an email to and we’ll get you started.